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I believe that Jesus can heal. So I trudged myself to church, even though I had strong pain in my back, and received my miracle there.
When pastor Katharine Siegling preached, God healed my vertebrae and all the pain was gone!

2010 2 Oct

A marriage miracle

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My broken down marriage had a heavy impact on my life. I got divorced and began to rebuild my life again.

A friend of mine told me about Jesus and that nothing is impossible to him. I experienced the wonderful power of the word of God and my life began to flourish wonderfully. My circumstances changed and ma marriage was restored, too.

My husband and me got remarried and our life together is better than ever before, because he, too, was changed inside out by Jesus. Now we run our race together every day and we are a happy couple!

The impossible was made possible by Jesus! Thank you Jesus!


Ever since I have attended Katharine Siegling’s seminar on finances, my attitude towards money has completely changed: I have developed an awareness for my value and the value of my work. As a result, my income has doubled. God not only blessed me, but he has called me to be a blessing for others as well. I know that now and am living in it.

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